Writ of Execution Exercise - Bankruptcy

You are the attorney for the creditor, Carlo Credo.  You have obtained a judgment against the debtor, Dennis Deb for $100,000.  The debtor has refused to pay the judgment and you have identified a bank account with $65,000 belonging to the debtor.  You want to obtain an execution lien on the bank account.


Fill-in parts 1-19 of the Writ of Execution, and parts 1-3 of the Notice of Levy.  Copies of the forms are in your Course Materials and on-line on the Course Website.  You can print and fill them in by hand or you can access “fillable” versions by following the links at the bottom of this page.  Use the following information about the debtor and creditor:


Creditor:   Carla Credo

3322 Broadway

San Diego, CA  92101


Date of Judgment:               November 1st, last year

Amount of Judgment:         $100,000.00

Costs after Judgment:         $0

Interest rate                           10% per year (CCP 685.010)

Fee for writ:                           $7.00


Debtor:     Dennis Deb

1111 Main St.

San Diego, CA  92101


Bank Info: Account # 0987654321

Union Bank Main Branch

1234 C Street

San Diego, CA  92101


Fillable Versions of the Forms (you can fill in the forms and print them – but not save them)


Writ of Execution

Notice of Levy