Petition Drafting Assignment


1.            The assignment is due Friday, February 15th, by 4:00 pm., in the Faculty Support Office on the 3rd floor, 225 Cedar St..

2.            You may work on this assignment in pairs.  If you work in pairs, submit only one copy with both student I.D. numbers.

3.            I have placed on the Web most of the materials you will need for this assignment.  Here are the links:

a.    Instructions For This Assignment:

b.    Department of Justice Means Testing Page:  The amounts vary depending on the date the petition is filed.  They are due to change on February 1st.  For purposes of this assignment, choose “November 1, 2012” as the date in the scroll down menu.

c.    Forms:  PDF copies of all necessary forms, taken from the and the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court website.

                                          i. (scroll down to Chapter 7 Forms Package). 

                                         ii.    You should also read form CSD 1900:   

                                        iii.    I have created a mock Credit Counseling Certificate you can use for this assignment:  Mock Credit Counseling Certificate, Word Format

                                       iv.    Filling in the PDF forms:  Depending on the program you use to work with Adobe PDF files, you may or may not be able to save the PDF forms after you fill them out. If you find you can’t save the forms you should either: (i) work with a hard copy until you’re ready to do your final forms and print them out; (ii) use the library computers and open the files with Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) and you will be able to save the files as you work on them; or (iii) find a program that lets you work on these PDF files and save them.

d.    Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

e.    Local Rules – Southern District of California