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Group Assignments


Mod. I- Politics of Government

   A.  Introduction

   1. Why is a course like this  important?

   2. Teen Blogs-Is there an expectation of privacy in Blogs, and extent of protection.

    3. Mr. Smith Goes to Wash

         a. If the Old man had not acted, what would it have taken for Mr. Smith to have been successful?


Part 1


1) Buy license for CWB workbook from Bookstore. Cost: $25.00

2) Get articles from Reserve or On Line from e.g. Wash Post, Wall St. J

3)   Andrea Johnson, “Teaching Creative Problem Solving Skills” NEW  CPS Worksheet


Part 2:  Movie: Mr. Smith Goes to Wash





    B. Role and Function of Government


       1. What is Role of Gov-Framework for Providing public service, distribute goods, controls and preferences.

       2. Two-party, multi-party system; bipartisan; Checks and balance. Prevent abuse

        3. Referendums-Public vote in Government



Cyber Workbooks 1.1.1-1.1.2    Answer Questions


Part 1:Separation of Power: Overview of the Two-party system and the need for checks and balances.  What happens when 2-party system becomes a 1 party system because both houses and the presidency are controlled by one party.


1) Katrina Revisited,   Paul Harris

2) Matt Apuzzo,  “Judge Orders Federal Agency to Resume Payments for Housing Hurricane Katrina Refugees”   AP        11/29/06

3).  Ann Simmons, “New Orleans mayor accentuates the positive,” LA Times 11/8/06

4).  Katrina Website  (


Part 2:

1)   Election Articles  (Click here to access or access via cite)

      a.      Ronald Brownstein, “Election 2006; State Change Colors,” LA Times  A18 (Nov 9, 2006)

      b.      Ronald Brownstein, “Election 2006: How They Voted” ,” LA Times  A1 (Nov 8, 2006)


2) Erwin Chemerinsky, “Assault on Constitution: Executive Power & War on Terrorism,”  40 UC Davis L Rev 1-19  (2006)





C. Separation of Powers

1. Overview of  Constitution

   a. Legislative Needs Cycle

   b. Separation of Power

   c. First Amendment

   d. Fourth Amendment

  e. Fourteenth Amendment


Cyber Workbooks  1.2.1-1.2.2

Hon. John Houston



Part 1: Constitution

Erwin Chemerinsky, “Assault on Constitution: Executive Power & War on Terrorism,”  40 UC Davis L Rev 1-19  (2006)


Part 2: Fourth Amendment, School Searches, and Role of Courts


1) William Wan and Raymond McCaffrey, “In Wake of Fights, School Security Will be Increased,”  Wash Post   B2  11/21/06


2) People v. Superior Court  49 Cal Rptr 831, 835-838, 844-851 (2006)


3)  Matthew Lynch, “Mere Platitudes: The Domino Effect of School Search Cases on Fourth Amendment Rights of Every American,” 91 Iowa LRev 781 (2006) pp 785-796


 Part 2:


 We will do this as a class and have class presentations next week.****


    2. Legislative  Authority

          a. Delegation

          b. Oversight

          c. Election

          d. PAC-Emily’s List

          e. FEC


     3. Case Study: Toward National Voting Standards


Cyber Workbooks 1.2.3-1.2.4


PART 1 :-Women in Politics: Efforts by Women’s  Lobbyist group Emily’s List  to support women candidates that are pro choice; and to increase representation of women in Congress

Emily’s List-Who We Are


1) Mary Beard, WOMAN AS A FORCE IN HISTORY Chapter 2 pp 31-56  (Handout)

2) E.J. Dionne, Jr.  “An Opening on Abortion?  Wash Post A27 11/21/06

3) Jess Bravin, “Justices Agree to Hear Abortion Case” Wall St J A6  2/22/06

4)  Federal Election Commission

5) Campaign Finance Reform

6) College Rape Article  (Rana Sampson)


Part 2:



4. Executive Authority

    a. Commander in chief

    b. Executive Departments

     c. Executive Orders


Cyber Workbooks 1.2.5-1.2.6

Part 1: Gays in the Military


David Lauter, "Clinton Strikes Deal With Military on Gays Defense"  


PART 2: CWB Case Study: Toward National Voting Standards 

(Articles are available through this link or may be downloaded individually)  E Voting Articles


1) York, Byron , “X marks the spot: why old-fashioned voting may be better than modern,” 12/31/06 Nat'l Rev. 22,   2006 WLNR 22398353

2) Mike Himowitz, A `TRUST US' SYSTEM FOR VOTE COUNT WON'T DO,”  12/28/06 Balt. Sun 1E  2006 WLNR 22599146

3) LAURA THOMPSON,Ward 1 vote recount saga continues,” 12/27/06 Guelph Mercury A3,   2006 WLNR 22549677

4) ELEC CD-VOTING EQUIPMENT, 12/26/06 LegAlert, 2006 WLNR 22534685  (Bill

ID: IL SB 2340

5) CASEY WOODS,  “VOTING MACHINES: Sale ends machine flap” 12/22/06 Miami Herald B1, 2006 WLNR 22388363

6) “Comic echo of 2000 vote isn't funny,”  12/22/06 Ctr. Daily Times A12, 2006 WLNR 22349273

7) Associated Press,  “Republican Declared Winner in Florida House Race” Wash Post A5 11/21/06


Part 2


Group 5-State

Group 6-Federal Group 7-Public




       F. Judicial  Authority

            1. Separation of Power

            2.  Judicial Independence

            3.  Addressing Political Issues


Cyber Workbooks 1.2.7

Part 1: Scope of Judicial Authority

 Derrick Bell, AND WE ARE NOT SAVED   Chapter 1  “The Real Status of Blacks Today,”  The Chronicle of the Constitutional Convention  pp 26-50 (Handout)


Part 2:

CWB Case Study: Addressing Corruption in Government


1)Ethics Articles (Click here to access or access via cite)\

     a.      Maura Reynolds, “The Nation; Ohioan to lead House ethics panel,” LA Times A20 (Dec.20, 2006)

      b.      Richard Simon, “The Nation; Troubled Ethics Panel Tackles Scandal, LA Times A17 (Oct. 7, 2006)

       c.      Scott Shepard, “House ethics Panel Launches Foley Probe; Hastert Battles Calls for Resignation” (Oct 5, 2006)

       d.   Richard Wolf, “Congress accepting fewer free rides,”  USA 5A (August 3, 2006)

      e. Historical Summary of Ethics Violation in House

      f.  Highlights of the House Ethics Rules

 Part 2:

Group 1-Democrats

Group 2-Republicans

Group 3-Executive

Group 4-Special Interests


Mod. 2-  Copyright Piracy

       A. Computer Basics

             1. Network

             2. Internet

       B. Diagram of a Network



Cyber Workbooks  2.1.1-2.1.2


Part 1:

1. Prof. John R. Kettle, “Intellectual Property Abstract,” 757

 PLI/Pat 9, Copyright  pp 11-21, Ideas pp 36-40;






       B. Intellectual Property

             1. Copyright Protection

             2. Overview of Piracy


Part 1: Overview of Copyright Law


Part 2:

1. Metro v. Grokster


2.  Alex Veiga, “Universal Music Sues for Copyright Infringement”   (Nov 19, 2006)

3.      Julie Hilden, “The lawsuits vs Google, Why Outdated Concepts of Copyright don’t click with Internet


4.Doris Estelle Long, “E-Business Solutions to Internet Piracy: A Practical Guide,” 740 PLI/Pat 772-806


Part 2:

Group 15-RIAA

Group 16- Equipment Mfg.

Group 17-Consumers



Module 3 – Land Use Controls

       A. Location of Antenna Tower

             1. Zoning Basics

             2. Stakeholders Interests

             3. Negotiated Rulemaking

 Part 1: Zoning and Land Use- NOTE: We will focus the entire class on the land use exercise reflected in Module 3 of the Cyber Workbooks.-REVISED

1. Cyber Workbooks 3.1.1-3.1.2  Conduct Round robin exercise on the three problems in Part 1.

2. James Grannelli, "City Can't Bar Cell Towers on Looks Only, Court Says," LA Times (Jan 18, 2006)

2. Break in to small groups to work on strategy and then the assigned groups will represent the parties in trying to negotiate a resolution of the issues.

OMIT the reading on Sex Offenders Pedophiles.



Group 11 -Developer

Group 12-Env. Group

Group 13-University


       B. Not in My Back Yard

            1. Purpose of Land Use

            2. Redistricting

            3.  Racial Resegregation

Part 2: Zoning and Education--REVISED


1. Derrick Bell,  Chapter 4  “Neither Separate Schools Nor Mixed Schools,”  pp102-122 (Handout)

2.  Brown v. Board of Education

3.  Roberts Tackles Race

4.  Meredith  v. Jefferson County School Board, S Ct.

5.  Valerie Strauss, “A Snapshot of the State of US Education,”  Wash Post A8

6.. June Kronholz, “Should Illegal Immigrants Get Tuition Help?” Wall St J  A4  2/22/06 

7. Jess Bravin, “School Desegregation Faces Big Test” Wall St J12/5/06

8. Handout  on 2/28/07


Group 8-Immigrants

Group 9-Federal

Group 10- State

Group 14-Public-Pro Gov Action 


        C. Review for Final

Last Day of Classes



Extra Credit due


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