Extra Credit: Government Accountability for Katrina

    Case Study: Department of Homeland Security and FEMA 

    FEMA in Wake of a Crisis- Power Point Presentation 

    FEMA in Wake of a Crisis Part 2- Power Point Presentation 

    Constraints in Federal Response


    Katrina Interview-Tammy            Overview of DHA-FEMA Reorg

    Katrina Interview-Hermine           Federal Response to Katrina

    Katrina Interview- Hermine Pt2  

    Katrina Interview-Kathy  

    Overview of General Recommendations (Part 1)

     Overview of General Recommendations (Part 2)

      Audioconference with Richard Skinner

      Katrina Interview-Paul Harris


    Research on Environment Issues             Research on Evacuees

    Research on Contracting                             Research on Security

    Research on Legal                                         Research on Legal 2


     OIG  Status Report  '05                          GAO Report on Contracting

     Federal Response Lessons Learned

     GAO Report on Contracting 2              Six-Month Progress Report

    GAO Report on FEMA Weaknesses

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