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California Western -- Creative Problem Solving
On January 25, 2007, Professor Leeva Chung, an expert in intercultural communication, will discuss problem solving in Latin America.  She will talk about the cultural values and communications styles that can help make one more effective when working in Latin America or working with people from Latin America.  Moot Court, 12:15-1:15 p.m.  Lunch will be served.
Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Perth, Western Australia
June 7-9, 2006

The Australian Institute of Judicial Administration in cooperation with the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, the University of Miami's Institute on Law, Psychiatry and Psychology, Edith Cowan University's School of Psychology, Faculty of Business and Law and School of Law and Justice, the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts, William and Mary Law School's Therapeutic Jurisprudence Program and the Association of Australian Magistrates presented the Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence.  Panel sessions co-chaired by Professors Edward A. Dauer and Thomas D. Barton explored the theme of “Ethical Conundrums in Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Law.”

Preventing and Solving Legal Problems Creatively
Second International Conference on Creative Problem Solving
March 4-6, 2004
This international conference engaged in an interdisciplinary exploration of systems and techniques for preventing and solving legal problems creatively.  Educators, lawyers, judges and professionals in the fields of cognitive psychology, business, neuroscience, and other fields that study preventing and solving problems were in attendance.  Click here to view the final conference agenda.
The Rule of Law:
Creating an Effective Legal Environment for the Global Economy
November 14-16, 2002
The conference explored the foundations for the rule of law and the role of legal procedures in different cultures and legal systems. Speakers from several different nations participated.  For a summary of the conference agenda, click here.

Preventive Law Symposium
November 10-11, 2000
The symposium created a dialogue among educators and practitioners on the theory and application of preventive law.  For a summary of the symposium agenda, click here.  Essays about the theory or practice of preventive law can be found at the Web site of the National Center for Preventive Law at Participants were also interviewed about their experiences and visions for preventive law, which formed the basis for an introductory video entitled Preventive Law and the Multi-dimensional Lawyer.

The Lawyer As Creative Problem Solver
February 24-25, 2000
This international conference explored the creation of a new category of legal professional – the lawyer as creative problem solver. Topics included identifying the new skills needed by lawyers who wish to be creative problem solvers, and structural, attitudinal and institutional barriers to teaching those skills. A diverse group of legal professionals, including law faculty and deans, judges, bar association administrators, mediation/arbitration experts, family law practitioners and public interest lawyers participated in the conference.  For a summary of the conference agenda, click