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California Western Alumni Diversity Coalition (CWADC) - California Western
California Western Alumni Diversity Coalition (CWADC)

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We invite your participation in the California Western Alumni Diversity Coalition (CWADC). This special program, aimed at facilitating communication and networking within our law school's diversity community has three primary areas of focus:

  1. To provide a network for the exchange of resources, expertise and opportunities among minority alumni, recent graduates and current students of CWSL;
  2. To establish speciality associations within the CWADC for the benefit of individual minority groups in the CWSL community; and
  3. To strengthen ties and facilitate engagement of minority alumni with the law school.

We invite you to complete the Membership Registration and join the community to share career opportunities, exchange professional/pro bono referrals, support fellow members for judgeships, public office and other career advancements.

In addition, the CWADC and the Office of Diversity Services will join forces to facilitate real time networking among all minority alumni, recent graduates, current students and new admits through on-campus events.

Become a Law Student Mentor

As an attorney, you are the best source of knowledge and inspiration for our current students. You can offer invaluable insights and information to second and third year students, help them learn about your practice area, and assist them on the path to their place in the legal profession.

If you choose to be part of the Diversity Services Mentor Program, we will carefully select and assign you a second or third year student who is in need of your guidance and mentorship. We will provide support and materials for you, including guidelines for creating a successful mentoring relationship, discussion topics, and suggested Mentor/Student activities.

Founding Members of the CWADC:
  • Nathan Aguilar, Class of 1999
  • Tina Fryar, Class of 1997
  • Patty Herian, Class of 1998
  • Andrew Jones, Class of 1996
  • Jerrilyn Malana, Class of 1998
  • Dan Segura, Class of 1995

For more information please contact:

Marion Cloete
Director for Diversity Services
Phone: (619) 515-1577