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Professor Michal Belknap Participates in Supreme Court Historical Society Lecture Series

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 11, 2002 - As part of the Supreme Court Historical Society’s Silverman Lecture Series, California Western School of Law Professor Michal Belknap will give a lecture on the history of military courts and military tribunals on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. in the Supreme Court Chamber in Washington, D.C. The five-part lecture series for 2002, featuring well-renowned scholars from law schools such as the University of California, Berkeley’s Boalt Hall and The University of Virginia School of Law in addition to California Western, has focused on the U.S. Supreme Court in times of national emergency.

"The California Western community is proud of the fine scholarship of our faculty members exemplified by Professor Belknap," said California Western Dean Steven R. Smith. "We are pleased to share that scholarship with such excellent organizations as the Supreme Court Historical Society."

Belknap is an expert on the history of military tribunals, as he is one of the few scholars in the U.S. to study their impact on the country during post war periods. Belknap’s most recent article on the subject, "A Putrid Pedigree: The Bush Administration's Military Commissions in Historical Perspective" was published in the Spring 2002 edition of the California Western Law Review, and recently cited in the National Law Journal. Belknap also authored "The Supreme Court Goes to War: The Meaning and Implications of the Nazi Saboteur Case," published in 1980 for the Military Law Review.

Belknap received his Master’s and Ph.D. in American Legal History from the University of Wisconsin and his J.D. from the University of Texas. Professor Belknap’s particular interest is the history of civil rights and civil liberties in twentieth-century America, an area in which he has written extensively. His books include Cold War Political Justice (1977), American Political Trials (1981), Federal Law and Southern Order (1987), Civil Rights, the White House and the Justice Department, 1945-1968 (1991), To Promote the Effective Administration of Justice (1992) and The Vietnam War on Trial: The My Lai Massacre and the Court Martial of Lieutenant Calley (2002). He currently teaches Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and American Legal History at California Western.


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