Announcements - California Western

Important Notice to All Students

Students are notified of important information by CWSL e-mail. If your mailbox has exceeded the allowed storage space, these messages are not getting through to you. It is your responsibility to maintain your mailbox and allow new messages to get through. Not only do you need to keep your inbox empty, but your sent box and your trash box as well. If you are having your e-mail forwarded through CWSL to another account, please note that you are still responsible to be accessible through e-mail.

Other forms of notification are the Academic Affairs bulletin board in the northwest corner of the second floor lobby in the 350 building and/or the U.S. mail.

Rescheduling Final Examinations

The deadline for all non-emergency requests for final exam rescheduling for Fall 2013 trimester is Tuesday, November 5, 2013. All requests must be submitted to the Associate Deanís Office with a copy of the student's exam schedule. See Academic Policy 5.04 which states:

Students are required to take final examinations at the regularly scheduled times.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may reschedule examinations in the case of serious student illness, family death and similar emergency circumstances and as reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Academic Affairs Committee may, upon student petition, reschedule examinations in other compelling personal circumstances. All non-emergency requests for final exam rescheduling or accommodations must be made thirty (30) days prior to the last day of class work.

If a student has two examinations scheduled at the same hour, upon petition one of the examinations may be rescheduled to an available examination period on the same day. If a student has four or more examinations scheduled on two consecutive days, upon petition one examination may be rescheduled to the next available exam period.

Whenever possible, examinations will be rescheduled to a later rather than an earlier date. When an examination has been rescheduled, the professor in his or her sole discretion may give a different or changed examination. All students taking an examination at other than its regularly scheduled time will be required to sign an Honor Code statement certifying that they have obtained no information about the regularly scheduled examination.

For more information, contact the Associate Deanís Office.