Academic Support - California Western
Academic Support

California Western School of Law's Academic Support Programs complement the law school curriculum by helping students develop the skills necessary to succeed in law school and pass the bar examination.


The Academic Support Department offers weekly tutoring sessions in each substantive first-year course and certain required upper-division courses.

These tutoring sessions are run by academically accomplished upper-division students, who attend classes and work closely with the faculty member.

Bar Review Program

The California Western Bar Review Program is designed help students transition into law practice. California Western School of Law offers three bar review courses:

  1. Advanced Legal Analysis, taken in the second year

  2. Pre Bar Review, taken in the last trimester.

  3. Bar Review course, taken after graduation by qualifying students.

Academic Achievement Workshop

The purpose of the Academic Achievement Workshop is to teach students the skills they need to improve their performance in upper-division courses and on the California Bar Examination. The course focuses on study skills, legal analysis and exam-taking skills.

This 8-week course is free, however enrollment in each section is limited to provide a more personal working environment with substantial feedback.