Scholarships for Upper Division Students - California Western
Scholarships for Upper Division Students

Scholarship Listing

Academic Merit Scholarships

A number of scholarships are awarded each year to recognize outstanding achievement by students during the first year of law study, California Western awards students at the top of their class based on the first year’s cumulative grade point average. The number and amount of awards given in any academic year depends on budget availability and on the extent to which qualified students will receive other California Western scholarships.

Dean's Diversity Scholarship

A number of scholarships are awarded each year to second year students who have strong academic achievements, financial need and demonstrated commitment to community activities, ethnic, cultural or other diversity characteristics.

Tammie R. Harris Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Tammie R. Harris, a '93 graduate of California Western, who passed away in Spring '94.  The recipient of this scholarship will have presented and demonstrated the following characteristics: academic achievements, leadership, community service and commitment to ethnic diversity in the legal profession. Scholarship recipients must remain in good standing.

Walid Taleb Memorial Scholarship

The Walid Taleb Memorial Scholarship was established by friends and family in memory of alumnus Walid Taleb '87 who lived in the Ivory Coast, West Africa.