Assignments for Laws 101
Assignments for Laws 101

June 2: Guest Lecturer on the Death Penalty by Justin Brooks, Executive Director,
           California Innocence Project.  No reading assignment!
           Note:  There will be a handout distributed in class and one question on the final
                     exam based on material from this lecture.

May 26: Miranda and False Confessions:  Reader p. 477-487;
            Voluntariness:  p. 495-497 (Omit Colorado v Connelly);
            Torture:  Torture Memo Excerpts (download from webpage);
            Reader 499-525;
            Terrorism's Impact on Civil Liberties, 527 to end

May 19: Review especially Calabresi and Kamisar articles, 351-364;
            Katz v US at 367 and ACLU v US at 379; (new) p. 397-464

May 12: Reader: (review) 287-303; (new) 305-395

May  5:  Reader: (review) 191-230; (new) 231-303

Apr. 28:  Reader p. 147-230

Apr. 21:  Review p. 105-130; (new) Read pp 131-182.

Apr. 14:  Reader: p. 59-129.

Apr. 7:     Reader, p. 1-26;
                Ring v Arizona;
                Reader p. 27-70

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