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   Criminal Law          Copyright Law          Entertainment Law

CRIMINAL LAW (3 units)         
Studies the current law of crimes, both common law and statutory.  This inquiry focuses on when and how the state can deprive citizens of liberty.  General principles of criminal liability include elements of certain crimes, justification, excuse, and sanctions.
Emphasizing current practical applications, the course covers the extent of copyright protection for print, film, tape, computer programs, music, painting, sculpture, dance, design, architecture, and other original works of authorship.  The boundaries of copyright protection, including its overlap with the law of patents, trademarks, trade-secrets, and unfair competition are also explored.  Teaching is by casebook and informal discussions directed at problem-solving.   back to top
This course scrutinizes the entertainment industry's five branches—movies, television, theater, music, and print—for cutting-edge issues in power relationships, publicity, warranties, artistic control, credit, transfer of rights, and profit participation.  Probing crucial business practices that shape the controlling legal principles, the course's text draws from case law, statutes, collective-bargaining agreements, trade journals, and news articles that delineate the daily activities within each branch.  The first two-thirds of the course uses case studies and class discussions to elicit a basic understanding of relevant business and legal principles.  In the final third of the course teams of students structure and negotiate an entire entertainment-law transaction from devising initial client objectives through final written agreements. Throughout the class, the focus will be on creatively solving various clients' problems to encourage productivity, foster collaboration, and anticipate problems, while avoiding polarization and litigation.   back to top

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