California Western -- Institutes and Centers
Institutes and Centers
One of the ways California Western students and faculty stay connected with the role of law in a changing society is through innovative institutes and centers. From an academic standpoint, they help shape the discussion about topical legal issues. From a practical perspective, professors and students involved in the programs shape real-life legal events – whether freeing wrongfully convicted inmates in California or training more than 2,000 lawyers and judges in Latin America.

Access to Law Initiative
The Access to Law Initiative (ALI) brings affordable and pro bono assistance to people who lack access to legal services, while supporting California Western graduates who engage in solo or small firm practice or participate in a nonprofit entity.

California Innocence Project
The California Innocence Project is a law school clinical program in which California Western professors and students seek any and all ethical and legal avenues for the release of the wrongfully convicted.

Center for Creative Problem Solving

The Center for Creative Problem Solving develops curriculum, research and projects to educate students and lawyers in methods for preventing problems where possible, and creatively solving those problems that do exist.

Community Law Projects
The Community Law Projects provides legal advice to low-income and indigent members of the local community, while developing a commitment to public service in California Western students. CLP has sites in City Heights, Downtown, and Lemon Grove.

Institute for Criminal Defense Advocacy
The Institute for Criminal Defense Advocacy oversees the creation of programs dedicated to the promotion of outstanding criminal defense work.  ICDA programs include The California Innocence Project, The LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Specializing in Federal Criminal Law, and The Janeen Kerper Trial Skills Academy.

Institute of Health Law Studies
The Institute of Health Law Studies focuses on expanding understanding of law and policy in the medical and legal fields.  IHLS performs research, participates in advocacy activities, engages in community service, and provides education to advance its mission of Improving health care today…for all our tomorrows.

Intellectual Property, Technology, and Telecommunications Law Center
The center promotes public education, specifically the education of young lawyers, in the fast-growing field of telecommunications law.

National Center for Preventive Law
The National Center for Preventive Law conducts various programs with the aim of preventing legal risks from becoming legal problems.

New Media Rights
New Media Rights is a non-profit program at California Western that provides legal services, education, and advocacy for Internet users and creators.

Proyecto ACCESO
Proyecto ACCESO is a Rule of Law training and public education program based out of the Center for Creative Problem Solving. ACCESO trains Latin American leaders to promote the rule of law and educate the public in their basic legal rights, enabling lawyers, law enforcement officials, and the general public to understand the benefits of a transparent judicial system.

Trademark Law Clinic
The Trademark Clinic provides free legal services for individuals and small businesses wishing to obtain a federal trademark or service mark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trial Skills Academy
The annual academy features top criminal defense attorneys who seek to help their colleagues become more effective trial lawyers through trial simulations.