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Student Computer Labs General Information

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Locations & Hours

There are currently two computer labs here at the school:

Both labs are available whenever the building is open.

The 290 lab is often used for classes. The schedule for the lab is posted outside the door, and is also available online here.

Unless the schedule states otherwise, you can still use the lab during training sessions, as long as there are unoccupied seats, and you work quietly without disturbing the class. Training classes have first priority for seating in the lab.


At each workstation, in addition to the computer, you will find:


Each station has the following software:

Where To Store Data

Each student has 500 MB of storage space on the school network. When logged on to a computer in the lab, this will show up as your H: drive.

It is important that you save all your data to your H: drive, or to a USB flash drive. Anything that is saved to the Windows desktop, or any other location on the hard drive, will be deleted when you log off of the system.

On the lab computers, the "My Documents" folder goes straight to your H: drive.

You can also access your H: drive from your laptop or home computer.


There are two printers in each lab. Click here for full information about printing.


No food, drinks, or tobacco products allowed in the computer labs.

The Student Computer Labs are Quiet Study Areas. Because of the printers and other background noise, the labs aren't as quiet as other areas, however, the lab is a study area, and it is important to keep voices quiet out of respect for the other students in the lab, and the work they are doing.

Cells phones must be set to silent mode, or turned off. Cell phones may not be used in the Student Computer Lab.

You must have a signed copy of the Acceptable Use Form on file. If you do not turn in the Acceptable Use Form, your account will be disabled.

Logging Off

It is very important that you log off the computer when you are finished in the Student Computer Lab. Simply click the Start button, then click "Log Off". You will get a dialog box asking if you are sure you want to log off. Click Log off, or just press Enter, to confirm, and log off.

Shortly after you log off, the system will reboot. When the system reboots, it runs a program which cleans up the hard drive, and puts the hard drive back the way it was before you started. When we have this many people all using these computers, this helps keep the computers happy and healthy.

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