Wireless Network Access - California Western School of Law
Wireless Network Access

How to Connect to a Network

Using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other wireless device, search for wireless networks.

You will find a network named "CWSL Students".  When you connect to this network, you will be prompted for your user name and password.  Use the same user name and password that you would use to log in to the computer lab, or your email.

You may get a warning that your system can't confirm the security certificate, or that it can't confirm the server.  Go ahead and make the connection anyway.  (Some systems have trouble confirming the security certificate we have for the wireless network.)

If the system works properly, you should now be connected to the CWSL network, and to the Internet.  Whenever you are on campus, your system should connect automatically to our wireless network.

If you need more details, click the link below for specific instructions on how to connect using your particular operating system.

For Library guests who need to connect to the CWSL Guests network, inquire at the Reserve desk in the Library.

If you need assistance getting connected:

Email: labhelp@law.cwsl.edu
Phone: 619-525-1473

Miscellaneous Technical Details:

The entire campus is covered by a wireless networking system. This system is divided into three networks:

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