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Advanced Trial Practice Trial Practice Lecture
Evidence Advocacy LL.M. Trial Skills Program

This limited enrollment course is designed for those of you who have made a decision that you want to be trial lawyers.  It is not for you if you are undecided about this career choice.  Because this is an advanced, upper level course with limited enrollment, you will be expected to attend every class and be fully prepared to perform each time. Courtroom mode attire is required for each class. You are encouraged to discuss the parameters of this class with Professor Conte before enrolling.
EVIDENCE ADVOCACY (prac, 2 units)
This labor-intensive course will focus on the practical application of the Federal Rules of Evidence in a trial environment.  Initially, students will be required to master and retain evidentiary foundations.  Thereafter, the students will be required to apply these principles, as well as evidentiary trial skills, to fast-paced courtroom hypotheticals.  Students will be on their feet, performing the above skills during each class.  The goal of this course is for the students to develop and retain evidentiary trial skills.   back to top
This is a practical course addressing each element in the conduct of a jury trial.  The focus of the course is teaching the art of persuasion in every aspect of trial work.  The elements addressed include voir dire, opening statements, direct and cross-examination, objections, presentation of documentary evidence, examination of expert witnesses and final arguments.  A unique feature of the course is a session with a drama consultant and communications expert who works with students on their communication skills.  The class meets in one large group once a week for fifty minutes.  During this session the students are taught one aspect of trial advocacy through a lecture and demonstration of a particular skill.   back to top
LL.M. TRIAL SKILLS PROGRAM (prac, 3 units)
This is an intensive trial skills course for those enrolled in the LL.M. in Trial Advocacy program.  Topics covered include trial theme, jury selection, opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, and closing arguments.  You will role-play through several federal mock trials, and at the end of the spring semester you will be invited to participate in the week-long Trial Skills Academy, where you will be exposed to top trial lawyers from across the country.   back to top

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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