California Western -- TRIAL PRACTICE
                                          TRIAL PRACTICE
                            PROFESSOR MARIO CONTE
                                      SUMMER 2013


The first lecture in this class will be on Friday, May 3rd from 12:30 to 1:20 pm in 2C.  You MUST attend this lecture.  If you do not attend this lecture, your place in the class will be given to a student on the wait list.  Attendance in the remainder of the lectures is governed by Academic Policy.  Consequently you may miss a MAXIMUM of 2 lectures.


Your small section meetings begin during the week of May 6th.   Before your first meeting, please review the class syllabus which sets out the schedule for the entire trimester.  Please note that you must attend EVERY small section meeting including the extended class taught by Visiting Professor Joshua Karton during the period of July 12th-13th. 


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Student Letter Summer 2013
Syllabus Trial Practice Summer 2013