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Civil Procedure I & II

Property II

Comparative Issues in Gender, Family & Sexuality

Women and the Law

CIVIL PROCEDURE I & II  (3 units each)
The rules governing a lawsuit from its beginning to trial. Topics covered include jurisdiction, pleadings, motions, joinder of claims and parties, discovery, and the effect of judgments.
PROPERTY II  (3 units)
An introduction to the concept and law of property; acquisition of property; estates in land; private and public land use controls; real estate transactions and landlord-tenant relationships. 
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This course will examine the legal regulation of gender, family, and sexuality from a comparative viewpoint, with a focus on the United States, the European Union, and countries that differ from the US and the majority of countries in the EU. Some of the issues to be considered are gender equality and sexual harassment; regulation of sex outside marriage by the criminal law; regulation and dissolution of marriage (including incest and polygamy) and domestic partnership; inter-country adoption; female genital mutilation; fetal protection policies, abortion, and reproductive freedom; and regulation of pornography. Each of these issues is complex and controversial in its own right, and individual countries and alliances of countries address them differently.  
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The course will be taught in a feminist manner which means with as little hierarchical structure as possible. The law school has requirements for receiving credit (such as papers, presentations, attendance, and grades) that we cannot ignore. But beyond those external restraints, members of the class will be asked to treat the course as an opportunity to discuss issues together and learn from each other. Teaching in a feminist manner means eliminating as much hierarchical, authoritarian structure from the classroom as is possible, given the external constraints imposed by the school, and instead teaching the course through presentations and discussions with a consensus manner of decision-making. All students will be responsible for making a presentation on the topic they are researching for their paper.  
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