California Western Creative Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving

The mission of California Western School of Law is to educate creative problem solvers.  This is an inherently interdisciplinary effort that envisions a more imaginative, more helpful lawyer who can prevent some problems from arising, and often solve more peaceably and constructively those problems that cannot be avoided.  Creative problem solving stresses flexibility of mind, active listening, the ability to frame problems in multiple ways, and choosing the best ways, among a broad range of skills and decisional procedures, of addressing any particular problem.

The Center for Creative Problem Solving develops curriculum, research, and projects to educate students and lawyers in methods for preventing problems where possible, and creatively solving those problems that do exist. The Center focuses both on using the traditional analytical process more creatively and on using nontraditional problem solving processes, drawn from business, psychology, economics, neuroscience, sociology and indigenous communities among others.


Meet the Co-Directors

Professor Thomas D. Barton

Professor James M. Cooper

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