Law Student Mentoring Invitation - California Western
Law Student Mentoring Invitation

What is it really like to practice in your particular area of the law? Are you using your law degree in a less traditional setting? What particular challenges and opportunities have you encountered as a minority in the legal profession?

As an attorney, you are the best source of knowledge and inspiration for our current students. You can offer invaluable insights and information to second and third year students, help them learn about your practice area, and assist them on the path to their place in the legal profession.

You may have volunteered in the past to assist California Western students as a Mentor and/or Career Advisor and in doing so have helped students gain a deeper and more realistic understanding of practicing law. We are deeply grateful for your past commitment.

We are now revitalizing our Diversity Services Mentor Program to make it an even more effective and enriching experiences for everyone involved. As a result, we ask that even if you have participated in the past, or are a mentor through our Career Services department, you register now for the Diversity Services Mentor Program.

If you choose to be part of the Diversity Services Mentor Program, we will carefully select and assign you a second or third year student who is in need of your guidance and mentorship. We will provide support and materials for you, including guidelines for creating a successful mentoring relationship, discussion topics, and suggested Mentor/Student activities. We hope to help create long-lasting connections, but ask that you commit to meeting with your assigned student at least once a month for a period of six months.

Please volunteer some of your valuable time and expertise to our diversity students and help them learn, grow, and succeed.

Thank you very much for your support.

Marion Cloete
Director, Diversity Services