Business Research - California Western
Business Research

Compiled by
Bobbi A. Weaver
Foreign & International Law Reference Librarian
California Western School of Law
July 2008

SCOPE: This research guide is not all-inclusive. It does, however, present resources available at the California Western library on the topics of business and business law. It is designed to provide the researcher with guidance as to the location of materials dealing with this subject.

Additional research can be conducted by using the KIM system, legal periodical indices, and other finding aids. Access to licensed databases is limited to students and faculty at California Western.

We welcome suggestions for improvement on this and other research guides. Please consult the Reference Librarian with suggestions and further research questions. This research guide was originally compiled July 2008.

NOTE ON INTERNET: Internet site addresses change frequently. Accordingly, some of the sites noted throughout this research guide may no longer exist under the addresses provided. To locate changed addresses, search for the page title using an Internet search engine such as Google (

Table of Contents
  1. General Business Information Sources

  2. Business Periodicals

  3. Business Formation & Dissolution

  4. Business Form Books

  5. Product & Industry Information

  6. Corporate Information

  7. Securities Information

  8. Corporate Governance

  9. International Business

  10. Miscellaneous Issues

General Business Information Sources

Business Periodicals

Business Formation & Dissolution

Business Form Books

Product & Industry Information

Corporate Information

Securities Information

Corporate Governance

International Business

Miscellaneous Issues
  1. Taxation
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Commercial Real Estate


Intellectual Property

Commercial Real Estate