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Practice Resources
By CWSL Librarians Bill Bookheim & Ian Kipnes

Practice sets can be very helpful because they are designed to walk attorneys through real situations.  They generally do not seek to explain the development of the law in the fashion that a treatise might.  They do not seek to discuss the ramifications of majority-minority holdings or the development of the law as a law review article might.  Practice sets are aimed at guiding attorneys in the practical application of the law. Some, but not all, practice sets include forms.

Practice sets can be challenging to locate on any given area of law. Sometimes they are not clearly delineated as such: they do not always have the word “practice” or “manual” or “how to” in the title.  Sometimes it is best to ask an experienced practitioner, a librarian, or your professor what he/she recommends.

There are several publishers who specialize in practice sets.  These include a state’s continuing education of the bar entity such as CEB here in California. Other publishers include Matthew Bender, and the Rutter Group.  Nolo Press publishes practice sets for non-attorneys.  An attorney unfamiliar with a particular area of the law may want to visit the publisher’s website to “thumb” through the on-line catalog in order to locate a practice set.

Remember, this guide lists selected practice sets available in this library. It concentrates on California materials. It is not meant to be all inclusive.

Note: Any edition information shown for resources is current as of this writing.  If available, links to the KIM catalog for each title are provided for more current information.  In addition, check the electronic resource (if listed) for possible later editions or updates.

Selected Electronic Practice Resources Available at CWSL:



We have many electronic resources available through the Library’s Electronic Resources Page, including the following selected comprehensive or single subject legal research sites.

Note:  Some resources in this section – marked with an asterisk below – may be available only on campus, or off campus with a CWSL network login and password.

Comprehensive Sites

Single Subject Sites

Table of Contents

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Administrative Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Antitrust Law

Appeals, Writs, Post-Trial Proceedings

Bankruptcy & Debtor-Creditor Law

Civil Procedure – General

Civil Rights Law

Class Actions

Commercial Law


Construction Law

Consumer Protection & Unfair Competition Law


Corporations, Partnerships & Other Business Organizations

Criminal Practice & Procedure


Debtor-Creditor Law: See Bankruptcy & Debtor-Creditor Law (in this document)


Elder Law

Employment & Labor Law

Environmental Law

Estate Planning: See Wills, Trusts & Estates (in this document)


Family Law

Federal Practice Sets


Insurance Law

Intellectual Property

Internet Law

Juvenile Law

Landlord-Tenant Law

Pretrial Procedure & Pleading



Professional Responsibility

Real Property, Land Use & Zoning Law

Securities Law

Social Security Disability


Tort & Personal Injury Law

Trade Secrets Law

Trial Practice

Water Law

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Workers' Compensation Law