Women and the Law - California Western
Women and the Law

Library Research Guide
Compiled by
Karen E. Reilly
Reference Librarian
California Western School of Law
Updated September, 2006

SCOPE: This research guide is not all-inclusive. It does, however, present resources available at the California Western library and online regarding legal issues associated with women and the law. It is designed to provide the researcher with guidance as to the location of materials dealing with this subject. Additional research can be conducted by using the KIM catalog system, legal periodical indexes, and other finding aids. Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and the Internet is limited to students and faculty at California Western. We welcome suggestions for improvements to this and other research guides. Please consult the Reference Librarian with suggestions and further research questions. This research guide was originally compiled in May, 2002.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

This research guide presents just a sample of the CWSL Library’s collection of materials on women and the law. For further research, you may want to search the KIM system (the library’s catalog) using the following key word phrases:

Texts and Looseleafs


The following journals are available in the library, and all except Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal are available and searchable in full-text format on Westlaw and LEXIS/NEXIS. LegalTrac, Hein Online or the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (available on library computers) may be used to search for articles in these and other law journals. Many other journals and periodicals on gender and the law are also available in the library.

Internet Resources

Note: Internet site addresses change frequently. Accordingly, some of these sites may no longer exist at the addresses provided. To locate a site, search for the page title using an Internet search engine such as Google (http://www.google.com/).

Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw

These resources are available in the library only to CWSL students and faculty. Both services contain a large variety of primary (e.g., cases, statutes, regulations, etc.) and secondary (e.g., journal articles, practice guides, etc.) materials.

Westlaw offers the following more specialized publications or databases related to women and the law, among others:

Finally, Westlaw offers a database of federal cases involving employment law entitled Federal Labor & Employment Cases (FLB-CS).

Lexis offers the following specialized databases:

If you have questions about these services or how to search for particular materials, please see a Reference Librarian.