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Student employment is both a way to help meet costs without borrowing and a way to gain valuable experience.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Federal Work-Study provides eligible students an opportunity to earn money to help meet educational expenses.

Federal Work-Study During Summer Break

Continuing students wishing to work under the Federal Work-Study Program during a summer break must submit all required materials to the Financial Aid Office by the summer deadline, and Intend to enroll for the fall trimester. Required documents include:

Due to limited FWS funds, applicants who do not meet the deadline will be put on a wait list and will probably not receive consideration.

The FWS award, though used during a period of non-enrollment, is considered part of the student's financial aid award package for the following session (e.g., Fall/Spring). This means that a student's eligibility for other aid will usually be reduced due to the receipt of Summer Break FWS funds.

The initial award letters for students with Summer Break FWS awards will reflect only their FWS award; Fall/Spring aid such as Stafford, Perkins, and alternative loans will appear on separate award letters during fall/spring processing.

For more information, consult the current Summer Break Federal Work-Study Application on our Forms page.

Community Service Employment (CSE)

The employers who participate in California Western's Federal Work-Study program are non-profit organizations and are required to pay 25% of the student's wages. Some employers are financially unable to pay the 25% share because of their pro bono nature.

To help these community service agencies with their valuable missions, and to help students gain experience in these agencies, California Western has implemented the Community Service Employment Fund (CSE), which supplements the Federal Work-Study program by paying the 25% share on behalf of selected employers located in San Diego County.

In order to participate, students must have:

The deadline for applications is the end of the first week of each trimester; if funding remains, awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Since awards are not determined until the end of the first week of each trimester, students with pending applications must not work during that week.

Summer Break CSE employment can be applied for at the same time and on the same form as Summer Break Federal Work-Study.

For further information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

FWS and CSE Requirements

Before beginning paid work under FWS or CSE, a student must submit:

Work Authorization Forms, as well as W-4 and I-9 forms, are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Student Work Opportunity (SWO)

Students who wish to work as a research assistant to a professor but are not able to receive Federal Work-Study due to low financial need may be able to receive paid employment through Student Work Opportunity.

For further information, please inquire with the professor who wishes to employ you or with the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.