California Western -- Financial Aid Office - Loan Process
Loan Process

  1. Once the federal processor completes processing of your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA, a report of the information they received will be mailed to you in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR). This information will also be electronically sent to all the schools you indicated on your FAFSA.

  2. We use the information we receive from your FAFSA along with your California Western Financial Aid Application to determine your eligibility for aid. We will then send you an Award Notification to you, indicating that you should return to the Online Aid System to approve, decline, or reduce each of your awards.

  3. Based on the amounts you approved, we will then electronically certify to the Direct Loan Servicer your eligibility for loans. If you apply for a Graduate PLUS Loan, the servicer will check your credit to confirm that you meet the required credit criteria. Your will be notified if your loan is not approved, or if additional information is needed.

  4. All student loans require that you sign a promissory note.

    First-time borrowers at California Western must also complete an online entrance counseling session for each federal loan program prior to receiving funds through that program.

    After your loan is approved, the Direct Loan Servicer will mail disclosure statements to you, which will inform you of the type of loan(s) approved, the amount(s) approved, and the scheduled disbursement date(s).

  5. After your loan is approved, funds will be credited to your student account on or near the scheduled disbursement dates.

    If the total of your aid is greater than the charges you owe, an overpayment check will be issued to you according to Business Office policies. Checks will not become available prior to the first day of classes, or Orientation Day for new students.

    If your eligibility has changed or your financial aid file is incomplete, we will place your funds on hold until your file is in order. Be aware that clearing a hold on your account does not necessarily mean that you will immediately receive funds; it may be a few days from the time you clear your hold to the time you receive funds. For this reason, it is vital that your file be complete well in advance of the start of classes.

    The Financial Aid Office, Business Office, and the Direct Loan Servicer all make every attempt to process your aid as quickly as possible. Even so, it may take several days from the disbursement date before you receive your overpayment check. Your patience is greatly appreciated.