California Western --

Spring 2006                                                                

California Western Law Review 


Volume 42 Number 2




Exploring the Intersection of Effectiveness & Autonomy in

Capital Sentencing

Justin F. Marceau


The Law and Ethics of Trade Secrets: A Case Study

Kurt M. Saunders


Bio-terrorism or Avian Influenza: California, The Model

State Emergency Health Powers Act, and Protecting Civil

Liberties During a Public Health Emergency

N. Pieter M. O’Leary



Mourning the Untimely Death of the Juvenile Death Penalty:  An

Examination of Roper v. Simmons and the Future of the

Juvenile Justice System

Julie Rowe



Interpreting a Rent-A-Womb Contract: How California Courts

Should Proceed When Gestational Surrogacy Arrangements

Go Sour

Flavia Berys


Pushed Out: A Call for Inclusionary Housing Programs in

Local Condominium Conversion Legislation

Robert Chambers