California Western --

Fall 2006                                                                     

California Western Law Review 


Volume 43 Number 1



Selected Essays from the Western Law Professors

of Color Conference 2006



Rueben Garcia


Confronting the Rights Deficit at Home: Is the Nation Prepared in the Aftermath of Katrina?  Confronting the Myth of Efficiency

M. Isabel Medina


The Continuing Storm: How Disaster Recovery Excludes Those Most in Need

Jonathan P. Hooks and Trisha B. Miller


How Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Failed Displaced New Orleans Voters

Rea L. Holmes


Property Lessons in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson and the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Rachel A. Van Cleave


Patching Leaks in the Diversity Pipeline to Law School and the Bar

Charles R. Calleros


Law, Policy, and Strategies for Affirmative Action Admissions in Higher Education

Charles R. Calleros


The Haint in the (School) House:  The Interest Convergence Paradigm in State Legislatures and School Finance Reform

Bryan L. Adamson


International Migration and Sovereignty Reinterpretation in Mexico

Ernesto Hernández-López



Parent-Child Relationship Trumps Biology: California’s Definition Of Parent In The Context Of Same-Sex Relationships

Paula Roach