California Western --

California Western Law Review


Volume 43 #2

Spring 2007


Socrates and Langdell in Legal Writing: Is the Socratic Method a Proper Tool

for Legal Writing Courses?

Jeffrey D. Jackson


Malibu Locals Only: “Boys Will Be Boys,” or Dangerous Street Gang? Why the Criminal Justice System’s Failure To Properly Identify Suburban Gangs Hurts Efforts To Fight Gangs

Brian W. Ludeke         



The Constitution as Idea: Describing—Defining—Deciding in Kelo

Marc L. Roark


The Modes and Tenses of Legal Problem Solving, and What To Do About Them in Legal Education

 Thomas D. Barton


Annotated Bibliography

Intimate Partner Violence in the GLBT Communities: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Raquel J. Gabriel



Deputy-Doctors: The Medical Treatment Exception After Davis v. Washington

Elizabeth J. Stevens


A Door Left Open? National Railroad Passenger Corporation v. Morgan and Its Effect on Post-Filing Discrete Acts in Employment Discrimination Suits

Benjamin J. Morris