California Western --


Fall 2008                                            

California Western
Law Review 

Volume 45 Number 1





What’s Dignity Got to Do with It?: Using Anti-Commandeering Principles to Preserve State Sovereign Immunity

Jennifer L. Greenblatt


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Home Mortgage Documents Interpreted as Nonrecourse Debt (with poetic comments lifted from Carl Sandburg)

John Mixon

Spirituality and Academic Performance at a Catholic Law School: An Empirical Study

Scott A. Taylor




“A Painful Process of Waiting”: The New York, Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland Dissenting Justices Understand that “Same-Sex Marriage” Is Not What Same-Sex Couples Are Seeking

Barbara J. Cox




What Do You Get When You Add Megan Williams to Matthew Shepard and Victim-Offender Mediation?  A Hate Crime Law That Prosecutors Will Actually Want to Use

Catherine Pugh


Pieces of the Puzzle: Examining the Problem of Mental Health Coverage for Homeless Children

Justin Keller