California Western -- board of editors

Students involved with the California Western Law Review/International Law Journal have management over both publications and are almost entirely student-run. The goal of the organization is to produce scholarly, editorially perfect journals that contribute something of value to the legal community and showcase the quality of California Western.

Board of Editors

Editor-in-Chief - California Western Law Review 

Liam Vavasour

Editor-in-Chief - International Law Journal

Anthony Parker


Executive Editor - California Western Law Review
Susan Sindelar


Executive Editor - International Law Journal 

Jon Cowles

Executive Lead Articles Editor - California Western Law Review 
Alex McDonald


Executive Lead Articles Editor - International Law Journal

Christina Alkire


Executive Director Notes and Comments  

Daniel Hilton

Executive Notes and Comments Editor - California Western Law Review

Rachael Neal


Executive Notes and Comments Editor - International Law Journal 

Andrew Koper

Faculty Advisors


Professor Roberta K. Thyfault

Professor Glenn C. Smith

Publication Administrator

Lana Kizilarslan