California Western --

Volume 36

Number 1

Fall 2005


Selected Essays And Transcripts From The Institute of Health Law Studies Conference on International Drug Importation: Issues in Public Policy, Patient Safety, and the Public Health



Bryan A. Liang


Over The Virtual and Geographic Borders:

Understanding  Importation and Counterfeit Drugs

Bryan A. Liang


The Quality Quandary

Edward L. Langston


Medication Use, Safety, and Nursing Culture: A

View of Potential Counterfeits from the Front Lines

Arlene D. Luu


Confusion and Contradiction: Untangling Drug

Importation and Counterfeit Drugs

Tim Gilbert & Sana Halwani


Reimportation from Canada and Beyond

Andy Troszok


Drug Wholesaling and Importation: Challenges and Opportunities

Robert P. Giacalone


Drug Quality, Safety Issues and Threats of Drug Importation Piracy 101

James M. Cooper


Importation of Prescription Drugs and Risks to Patient Safet

William P. Bro


Drug Importation and the Hispanic Physician

Rene F. Rodriguez


Prescription Drug Importation Beyond Canada

Michael Moreno




Defining Terms in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention IV:

The Last Round of Definitions Proposed by the International Law

Association (American Branch) Law of the Sea Committee

George K. Walker


Unocal and the Demise of Corporate Neutrality

Mark D. Kielsgard




Transnational Corporate Responsibility for International Environmental and Human Rights Violations: Will the United Nations’ “Norms” Provide the Required Means?

Tracy M. Schmidt