California Western -- Civil Procedure I
Civil Procedure I

Civil Procedure is the architecture of the federal courts as a system for resolving civil disputes.  In Civil Procedure I, we study the fundamental doctrines that define the system - the limits and reach of government power over individuals, the set of civil disputes that a federal court can decide, the approach federal courts can take to determining the law, the rights of individuals to know about and participate in trials, and the range of remedies a successful litigant may obtain.  The course is taught by focusing on past cases that frame these issues, as well as the rules (the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, some portions of the Unites States Code, and some portions of the United States Constitution), that address these issues, and through class discussion of these examples and rules learning how lawyers used Civil Procedure to advance the interests of their clients.  Civil Procedure I is a required first year course, and is a subject that is within the coverage often tested on the Bar Exam of every state.