California Western -- Evidence

In the United States, public and private disputes are, in the end, often resolved by trials.  The "evidence" that is appropriate and included in trials is tightly governed by a set of rules.  That set of rules, for all federal criminaland civil trials, is the Federal Rules of Evidence.  The FREs serve as a model for the rules of evidence in the states.  In this course, we will study the content of these rules, the choices the rules embody, and the ways that lawyers use the rules to advance a position in a trial.  The course will emphasize class participation and interaction as a means of animating the material.  The course is prerequisite for Advanced Criminal Litigation and is usually prerequisite for Trial Practice; Evidence is recommended for several other courses.  Evidence law is not only essential for litigation-oriented courses; it should also be part of the fundamental professional knowledge of every practitioner.  Advising clients on almost any legal matter will involve, to some extent, an understanding of the principles of evidence law.