California Western -- William Lynch

William C. Lynch
Professor of Law

California Western School of Law
225 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA  92101-3090
phone: 619-239-0391,  fax: 619-696-9999

Personal Data

Born:         July 5, 1932, Salem, Massachusetts
Married:     Three children
Languages: French (fluent), Spanish (translator)


Current Position

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law. Subjects taught: Evidence, Torts, Remedies, Conflict of Laws, Products Liability, Legal Method, Law of the Sea.

Teaching Experience

Professional Experience

Twenty-two years as an officer in the Navy's Judge Advocate General's Corps. Held all ranks from Ensign to Captain. Retired in the rank of Captain in 1978.

Noteworthy Career Assignments

Service Honors and Awards

Bar Memberships

Professional Association Memberships


The Law of the Sea and the Developing Countries: Cornucopia or Catastrophe?  in THE LAW OF THE SEA: ISSUES IN OCEAN MANAGEMENT (Don Walsh ed., 1977) at 32.

"The Law of the Sea: An Obscure Drama," 17 Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Review 1 (1972).

"The Nepal Proposal for a Common Heritage Fund: Panacea or Pipedream?" 10 California Western International Law Journal 25 (1980).

"Butz v. Economou and Federal Officials' Immunity: Much Ado About Nothing?" 59 Detroit Journal of Urban Law 281 (1982).

reviewing THE PREPARATION OF A PRODUCT LIABILITY CASE, by Baldwin, Hare and McGovern, in 19 California Western Law Review 403 (1983).

reviewing BRITAIN SINCE 1918, by Bentley B. Gilbert, in 12 California Western International Law Journal 231 (1982).

reviewing THE CHANGING UNITED NATIONS, by David Kay, in 9 California Western International Law Journal 1 (1979).

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