California Western --
A Message From the Director

Director Jackie Slotkin Students in our internationally-respected LL.M./M.C.L. Program come from a broad spectrum of ages, educational backgrounds, and experience. These students are highly motivated individuals who believe that knowledge of the U.S. legal system will be a passport to broader opportunities and responsibilities when they return home.

Graduates take intensive training in English, work as interns in law firms and corporate legal departments, and continue graduate studies in fields of individual interests.

While our international students add to California Western's richly diverse student population, these students enjoy close-knit, family-like relationships. They frequently explore the vacation-like ambience of San Diego and Southern California, and build among themselves a supportive network to help one another adapt to both the academic curriculum and to a new country.

Current students and graduates maintain close ties with faculty and with each other, often sharing stories of professional successes that started at California Western.

Our faculty and U.S.-born students, meanwhile, discover and cherish the wealth of professional, academic, and personal experiences our international students bring to the California Western campus.

They welcome each student into the school community, which can be witnessed by the openness with which they are invited and encouraged to participate in activities such as study groups, academic lectures, extra-curricular, and social functions.

I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about the program, our faculty, and our alumni and students. You will soon discover for yourself how rewarding California Western can be for you -- academically, professionally, and personally.

Jacquelyn H. Slotkin, Director, LL.M./M.C.L. Program
(619) 525-1492