California Western -- International Student & Immigration Information
International Student & Immigration Information

This information applies to all Juris Doctor and LL.M./M.C.L. students currently holding F-1 visas sponsored by California Western School of Law.

The LL.M./M.C.L. Office is committed to providing the necessary immigration information and assistance for international students attending California Western School of Law. The information contained on these pages is for the use of all internationals students attending CWSL.

NOTE: Information contained herein should not be used as the sole source of information for making decisions that may affect one's legal status in the U.S. or one's right to study or work.

The Department of Homeland Security requires California Western School of Law to provide detailed and current information on all F-1 students in attendance. Because it is critical that CWSL delivers accurate and up-to-date information, students should inform the LL.M./M.C.L. Office immediately of all changes to their name, address, and academic situation. In addition, because it is the student's responsibility to maintain status, all students should review the latest guidelines and procedures.

Prospective Student Information

Admissions Procedures:

All newly admitted students should read the F-1 Student Immigration Rules and Regulations

Current Student Information

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Please contact the LL.M./M.C.L. Office with questions or for more information