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Internship Seminar

Advanced Mediation

Problem Solving & Prevention in Health Care

INTERNSHIP (PRAC, 1-10 units)
This course provides students the opportunity to engage in the practice of law under the supervision of an attorney or judge.  The Clinical Internship faculty and staff work with students to obtain appropriate placement to meet the student's interests and needs.  Students may intern at courts, government agencies and private law offices.  During the course of the internship, students meet regularly with internship faculty to discuss their experiences.  
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This Seminar provides a forum for student interns to discuss their internship experiences with one another on a weekly basis.  These seminar meetings are in addition to individual private meetings with faculty supervisors.  Students are required to keep a daily journal and do short weekly readings on current topics related to the practice of law.  Topics include Advocacy, Law Reform, Ethics, and Equality.  Emphasis is on the often conflicting moral, professional, financial, personal and political values inherent in the profession.  There is no final exam or other written work requirement.  Enrollment may be limited.  
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This course provides hands-on experience mediating actual cases in Small Claims Court and Juvenile Hall.  There is a required week-end training in advanced mediation skills during the first or second week-end of the course.  Thereafter, students will mediate cases every week at Small Claims Court or Juvenile Hall (the first half of the trimester at one placement, the second half at the other).  Students must be available on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 3:30 p.m. to mediate at Small Claims Court, and on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening from 7 to 8:30 p.m. to mediate at Juvenile Hall.  Each student will also observe at least one mediation by a judge or lawyer/mediator in the San Diego community.  At the two-hour weekly class meeting, students will learn and practice advanced techniques in mediation.  In addition, they will discuss their mediation experiences in Small Claims Court and Juvenile Hall.  During the course of the trimester, students must submit a ten-page journal on mediations they conduct, and present to the class an issue related to mediation which they have resolved.   back to top
Students who take this course will learn a wide variety of collaborative approaches to problem solving and prevention in the health care context.  Approaches include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, judicial processes, with particular emphasis on the newer practices of facilitiation and systems design in conflict management.  Classes will include speakers from the fields of health care and law.  In lieu of a final exam, students will conduct a simulated facilitation of a health care issue in class, and work in teams to design an actual conflict management plan for a health care facility in San Diego.   back to top

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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