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Torts I

Conflict of Laws

International Law

Law of the Sea

TORTS I (3 units)
Examines theories of civil liability for harm, including negligence, intentional wrongdoing and participation in abnormally dangerous activity.  Specific torts studied include assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional inflection of emotional distress, negligence (including medical malpractice and liability of owners and occupiers of land), and nuisance.  Defenses to tort actions are also considered, including contributory negligence, assumption of risk and consent.  Must be followed by Torts II.
This course examines legal problems in which parties or critical events are situated in more that one state or jurisdiction.  Particular areas addressed include:  the jurisdiction of courts; recognition and enforcement of judgments of sister states and foreign countries; and the choice-of-law rules and approaches used where at least one of the parties or operative facts is connected with a state other than the place of the suit.  Most of the subject matter of Conflict of Laws concerns United States law, although application of principles to international situations is also addressed.  Instruction is by a review of case and materials, supplemented by use of the problem method.
An introduction to the substance and process of public international law as applied among independent nation-states and other legal entities.  By means of cases and materials, the course addresses selected problems dealing with the following:  the sources, development, and authority of international law; the scope of international law application in U.S. courts and in international courts and tribunals; the making, interpretation, enforcement, and termination of treaties; recognition; territory; nationality; jurisdiction and immunities; the United Nations and other international organizations; state responsibility and international claims for wrongs to citizens abroad; the rights of individuals under international law; terrorism; and certain aspects of the law of war, including war crimes trials.
LAW OF THE SEA (SW/EO, 3 units)
This seminar examines international law and policy relating to oceans activities.  Law of the sea topics include:  the freedoms of the high seas, the nationality of vessels and jurisdiction over vessels, baselines and maritime boundary delimitation, internal waters, the territorial sea and contiguous zone, straits, the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone, seabed mining rights, fishing controversies, and marine pollution.  Major treaties and international organizations involved with oceans issues will be surveyed.  Grading by examination or a paper with the option to satisfy the scholarly writing requirement.

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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