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   Property I & II          Land Use Regulation          Trusts & Estates

PROPERTY I & II (3 units each)
An introduction to the concept and law of property; acquisition of property; estates in land; private and public land use controls; real estate transactions and landlord-tenant relationships.

This course will explore who decides how our land is used, and what goes into the decision-making process.  Land use law is complex, and involves many different players and bodies of law.  This course will provide the tools for students to learn how to find and apply relevant law, to identify and analyze influential factors in land use decision-making, and to ascertain development and conservation objectives.  There is a strong emphasis on zoning and subdivision regulation, with many other topics woven in such as sustainable development, growth management, historic preservation, environmental regulation, new urbanism, and emerging trends.
TRUSTS & ESTATES (3 units)
This course examines the voluntary disposition of property on death, including transfers under (1) intestate statutes; (2) wills, including the formalities of execution, testamentary capacity, undue influence, and fraud; (3) will substitutes, and; (4) trusts, including creation and termination of trusts, rights and interests of beneficiaries, and subsidiary issues relating to resulting, constructive, and charitable trusts.  In addition, the course discusses restrictions on free testamentary alienation and public policy issues and will examine the growing body of law relating to the termination of medical treatment and health care powers of attorney.  Analysis of problems involves the study of both judicial decisions and statutes with a strong emphasis on California law.  Although some tax law is covered, this course does not emphasize estate planning or related tax matters.

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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