Thomas Jefferson School of Law Exchange Program
Thomas Jefferson School of Law Exchange Program
Spring 2014

Course Listings

Approved courses for CWSL students at Thomas Jefferson


JD students in good standing, except for international students and students attending as visitors, are eligible for the Exchange Program. The Exchange will operate only in the fall and spring trimesters and will be limited to 10 students from each school each term. Students must obey the regulations of both schools. Units taken at Thomas Jefferson will count against the total of 8 units that may be transferred from another law school. Thomas Jefferson units will be considered as part of the academic load at CWSL.

Approval & Registration

The procedure for petition approval, registration, add/drop, and post-session for the Thomas Jefferson Program Exchange is as follows:

  1. Complete the CWSL petition for the Thomas Jefferson exchange program.

  2. Registering for courses at Thomas Jefferson

  3. Tuition payment
    The usual tuition and fees will be paid only to the home institution. No tuition or fees will be paid to the host institution. Students are governed by the tuition policies at their home institution.

  4. After the end of the session
    After completion of the course, the Thomas Jefferson Registrar´┐Żs Office will automatically send official transcripts to CWSL's Registrar's Office for transfer of credits.

    NOTE: Only units with grades of C or better will transfer.

  5. Contacts

    CWSL, Petra Buhlmayer, 619-515-1516

    Thomas Jefferson SoL, Carrie Kazyaka, 619-297-9700 x 1471