Frequently Asked Questions

This list is intended to give you brief answers to you questions. For more complete answers, please review the Student Handbook.

General Information


Bar Exams and Certifications



Register For Classes If you are a first-year student, your class schedule is set for your first year. Part-time, first-year students have a slightly different option their 4th trimester and can contact the Registrar's Office if they have any questions.

 If you have completed your first year of classes, class schedules and registration information will be available in the Registrar's Office and online on the registration web page. Emails will be sent to all current students regarding registration as the registration date approaches. Students register for classes online. Please note that we are not MAC compatible.

Minimum and Maximum Course load

Students classified in the full-time division are required to take 10-17 units.

Students classified in the part-time division are required to take 8-11 units.

Any deviation from these course loads will need prior approval.

Taking More or Less Units Than Allowed

If you wish to take more units during a trimester than your division allows, you will need to submit a petition to Dean Aceves. Those forms are available at the Registrar's Office.

If you wish to take less units during a trimester than your division allows, you will need to submit a petition to the business office. Those forms are available at the business office.


Change Divisions (Full-time to Part-time, or Part-time to Full-time)

Students are not permitted to change divisions in their first year or last trimester, except in extraordinary circumstances. After completion of the first year, a student may change divisions due to �family circumstances, medical reasons, work or other good cause with the approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs." Students are not permitted to change divisions more than once.


Leave of Absence

A petition is required if you plan to take a leave of absence for personal or medical reasons. You can get more information about this from the Registrar's Office.

An Enrollment Verification document is used to show enrollment dates and anticipated graduation date. It includes the Registrar's stamp and seal.

Come directly to the Registrar's Office to obtain the Request Letter form or download it here and return it to our office. Allow two (2) business days for processing.

Name Change
In order to change your name with the school, you will need to submit the Name Change form with proof of the change. One of the following is sufficient:

  • Marriage License
  • Social Security Card
  • Other Legal Document

You can download the Change of Name form here.

Credit for classes taken at another university Classes taken at other law schools will show up on your transcript with the name of the school visited along with the number of units transferred. The name of the class will not appear on your California Western School of Law transcript. To receive credit for a class taken at another law school:


Petitions can be obtained from the Registrar's Office and must be submitted to the Associate Dean's Office along with a course description of the class.