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   Introduction to U.S. Law          Introduction to Legal Skills

(SEM, 2 units) (A Required Course for LL.M./M.C.L. Candidates)
This course provides an introduction to U.S. law, to the U.S. legal system, and to legal research and writing.  Students will prepare research memos and essays.  Students will experience research and writing skills necessary for effective legal analysis and clear oral and written communication, including hands-on experience using the law library and electronic resources.  The course will bridge the gap between students' understanding of their home countries' legal systems and unique aspects of the U.S. legal system.  Students will become familiar with the legal system of the U.S. (its structure and how it works).  Students will be introduced to the procedural aspects of civil and criminal law in the U.S. and to the principal bodies of substantive law in the U.S.  Students will participate in field trips to observe the workings of the various legal institutions and to talk with persons employed in the legal profession.
INTRODUCTION TO LEGAL SKILLS (0 units) (A Required Course for J.D. Candidates)
Required one-week course, which 1L students attend during their first week of school (the week before substantive courses begin).  Focuses on teaching students those skills that make the successful law student and ultimately the successful lawyer.  These skills include the structure of the court system, case briefing, rule synthesis, deductive reasoning, analogical reasoning, and issue analysis.  Students will also receive instruction on outlining, exam preparation, use of study aids and study groups, and time management.  No credit, as this course is considered part of Legal Skills I.

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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