STEPPS Program General Description - California Western
STEPPS Program General Description

The STEPPS program is designed to teach professional responsibility, ethics, and lawyering skills in an engaging context that emphasizes prevention and problem solving.

Academic Details

Students receive 3 credits per trimester for the combination of their classroom work and active participation on simulated cases.

In each of the two trimesters, students will attend a weekly large group class and a 16 person Law Office small group session.

What You Will Learn

Students will have opportunities to learn and practice the fundamental lawyering skills of interviewing, counseling, case planning, negotiation, mediation, problem solving, and prevention analysis.

Preventive Practice

Preventive practice is one of the unique points of emphasis for the program.

Exposure to Work Environment

Exposure to a variety of areas of law and diverse lawyering skills will help students begin to evaluate the options available for legal work in their future.

Work environment is a key factor in determining what kind of job will provide satisfaction, and the STEPPS law office will offer opportunities to explore questions related to career settings. In addition, the offices will examine the challenges of balancing personal and professional goals.

The STEPPS program will be an ideal opportunity to begin to identify and address the career satisfaction concerns that present life long and evolving challenges.