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Making the Selection Decision

Before you register for courses for the 2012-2013 academic year, you should meet with your faculty advisor, or another faculty member, to plan your course selections for your second and third years of law school. Your faculty advisor, or another faculty member, will assist you in selecting courses that best meet your specific academic and professional needs.

STEPPS is a required course for students at California Western School of Law and is taken during the second year.

A detailed description of STEPPS can be found under the General Description link.

On the other hand, STEPPS will require a full year commitment from everyone who enrolls.

Some may be concerned about the 6 units required for the program. Students will learn basic skills in client counseling, interviewing, negotiation, mediation, prevention, and problem solving. To get coverage of any of these topics in another course, a student would have to take a course for 2 or 3 credits.

After leaving STEPPS, students will be able to bypass the introductory courses in those subjects and take more advanced alternative dispute resolution or skills courses.

Even if a student does not take more advanced courses, the student will leave STEPPS with basic skills needed to embark on a successful professional career. In addition, students will be able to supplement their learning by taking courses such as Advanced Legal Skills and Problem Solving and Preventive Law.