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MPRE & Bar Exam Information

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility will be a pervasive component of the STEPPS program which means that almost all of the materials, exercises, activities, and discussions will provide opportunities to examine professionalism.

Students will learn the law of lawyering in action so will be able to identify legal ethics issues, know the law, have skills for examining the problems, and understand the implications of choices that are made.

The lessons of the classroom, texts, and Rule books will not just be abstractions, so students will be well prepared for the MPRE and future work as professionals.

Textbook & Materials

The text for the course is based on problems from real cases and includes broad based readings that provide background to understand the traditional principles of legal ethics, the application of the principles, and how the principles interact and conflict in the practice of law.

Students will study the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which is the basis for the MPRE, and the California Rules of Professional Conduct for the California Bar Exam.

Bar Exam Preparation

The essay part and the Performance part of the California Bar exam both include coverage of Professional Responsibility. The STEPPS approach will be excellent preparation for these issues.

Students will also be drafting a wide range of legal documents over the course of the STEPPS program. These drafting exercises will help students prepare for the performance portion of the California Bar Exam.