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   Alternative Dispute Resolution            Pretrial Practice

The ADR course offers students the opportunity to examine and participate in various alternative dispute techniques utilized by courts, attorneys, retired judges and mediators.  Specifically, the course surveys a wide variety of ADR options, such as arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences, early neutral evaluations, mini or summary jury trials as well as successful negotiation strategies.  A majority of the course focuses on binding arbitration, mediation and settlement of contract and tort cases/disputes, although more complex litigation will also be discussed.  As this is a practicum, there is an emphasis on practical learning utilizing role-playing, video, actual negotiation and participation in the ADR process.  Basic legal and ethical principles of arbitration and mediation are also presented and discussed.  Professor Stiven will share his years of experience as a trial lawyer and Federal Magistrate Judge. 
A practical course designed to familiarize students with three aspects of pre-trial practice: discovery; motion practice; and trial preparation.  The course will be a combination of lecture, discussion/case analysis and practical exercises.  Students will be given the opportunity to write discovery requests and responses, take a deposition and prepare and argue pre-trial motions. The course will emphasize developing both written and oral advocacy skills as well as practical application of those skills to actual litigation practice.  There will, of course, be focus on the applicable state and federal statutes and rules governing discovery and motion practice, with an emphasis on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Full course descriptions are available in PDF format on the J.D. Curriculum page.

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