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Telecom: Technology Student Papers: Cyberworkbooks

     Cyberworkbooks are web-based learning tools developed by Prof. Andrea L. Johnson that use a modular approach.  A modular approach is an instructional approach to integrating skill-based learning into substantive courses.  The approach divides the course outline into discreet segments, known as modules.  Each module is self-contained and includes one or more fact patterns to provide a factual context, substantive lessons, questions and answers, a problem or task, a glossary of terms and resource help tools.  Modules are created using a propriety XML/Java software that runs basic HTML text files, graphic and video steaming; or other software such as CALI-Author.  The software is designed to enable multiple levels of interactivity, e.g., self-directed learning through self-contained lessons, small group discussions, and written assignments; and competency evaluation through recording and timing functions.

     Specifically, the user of the program has the ability to 1) record student responses; 2) time student responses; 3) submit short answer questions; 4) exit and resume capability; 5) teach in a progressive, building block approach that forces students to work through the lessons in succession, and 6) move between discussion groups and the program.