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Enriching Programs

Competitions and Presentation of Papers

Students participate in mediation and negotiation competitions that focus on IP-related issues and present white papers at the annual Business Law Conference that bridge entrepreneurship and licensing issues for businesses that are trying to expand their markets internationally.


California Western’s Clinical Internship program places students in a variety of related organizations and agencies including the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Unified Port of San Diego, World Trade Center of San Diego, UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office, CONNECT, and more.

Contact Ruth Briscoe at rib@cwsl.edu or (619) 525-1438.

Pro Bono Work

Students have the opportunity to receive pro bono credit for up to 50-100 hours at the end of their second semester first year and study credit for up to 3 credits during their second and third year.

For more information, contact Pro Bono Program


California Western values the importance of linking students with faculty and alumni mentoring and legal supervision. Students develop a career plan of courses to take and resources for identifying internships and jobs.

For more information, contact Professor Johnson, alj@cwsl.edu