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Telecom: Technology Student Papers: Jones

Language Translation Technology

by Julien Jones

      Language translation technology enable users to read foreign language documents in their own languages.  Language translation can be of aid to businesses and individuals. In a business application, the language translation services can help with advertising products in foreign markets. Language is becoming a very important consideration for effective advertising on the internet because up to 30 to 35 percent of Internet users do not speak English as a first language. Also, businesses can use the software to facilitate effective communications with corporate satellite offices throughout the world. Use in this manner would serve to streamline communications between representatives of the same company and could save time and money. Overall, effective language translation can increase the customer base for businesses and provide methods of inter-company communications that save money.

      Language translation software is not as effective as a human translator. However, because of cost and time considerations, a human translator is not often practical. Computer language translation programs also do not achieve an extremely high level of accuracy.

      In general language translation applications, only a 60 to 70 percent level of accuracy can be achieved. One way of addressing the lack of accuracy is to produce limited subject areas. For business operating in limited subject areas, this is an effective way to enhance the quality of the translation. However, a drawback to this would be that cost would be increased because the software program would have to be specially tailored for the particular business or industry.

      Another problem encountered when using language translation software is the degree of time necessary for an accurate translation. Unlike a human translator, the software translation is not instantaneous. The research and development in the area of computer language translation programs has led to other exciting voice and language translation innovations. For example, voice activated language translation devices are considered feasible in the not so distant future.

      As the Internet continues to become more global in focus the need for effective language translation services will intensify. This will promote the swift design and development of more efficient language translation devices. Additionally, as business and personal contacts are made via the internet by businesses and individuals the need for voice activated language translation devices will increase. People from all areas of the world need to break through language barriers to communicate. Technology designers have recognized this and are trying to develop efficient language translation products. Each advance in technology in this area opens the door to new possibilities in the area of language translation.