Moot Court Honors Board accepts applications for board membership when membership opens up. A student must fill out an application form, attach a resume, and a personal statement on why they want to become a member of the Moot Court Honors Board. The applicant will then be interviewed by a panel made up of Moot Court Honors Board students.

There are no class standing percentile requirements to be a member, but grades do play a role in the selection process.
Executive Director--------
Trial Coordinator---------
Appellate Coordinator--
P. R. Coordinator---------
Chief Sophister-----------
Special Events-------------
Judges Coordinator-----

Chris Seabock
Stan Shar
Devin Sreecharana
Tracy Ip
Jen Gustafson
Pamala Blane
Amy Krieg
Lara Prodanovich

AJ Yarmolinets
Aaron Rea

Amber Curto
Amy Luo
Autumn Manley
Brandon Lewis

Brian Bevan
Constance Rush,

Devin Taylor
Diana John

Elizabeth Nardi
Hina Memon
Holly Towner

Janet Ton,
Julie Wolff
Katelyn Wendell
Kathy Le

Kathy Van Voorhees
Kristi Kleinberg;

Kristin Walizer
Mike Li
Natalie Watson
Sara Simmons